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Credit & Debit Card Processing


In today's business climate, accepting credit and debit card payments is a must for most businesses.  Studies show that businesses that accept credit cards can see a huge increase in volume.  Customers like the speed, flexibility and convenience of electronic payments, and many prefer to use their cards to earn reward points or miles.  Card holders buy more on impulse and typically spend more than if they had to use cash.  Give your customers the convenience of paying with their preferred card.

Increase Cash Flow


Accepting cards has a huge positive effect on cash flow.  Your business will benefit by having the money from credit card sales deposited into your bank account within 48 hours or less.  No more waiting for checks to clear or sending out time consuming invoices, waiting for payment.  With credit and debit cards, you receive your money from your customers quickly and easily.

We deliver fast electronic transaction processing solutions that enable you to serve your customers quickly and streamline the check out process.  Creating an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers increases the chance that they will return to your store and recommend your shop to family and friends.  

We can set up your business to accept:
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover,
  • American Express
  • Diner's Club, JCB
  • PIN and Signature Debit
  • Petroleum and Fleet Cards
  • Purchasing Cards
  • International Cards

Businesses that benefit from credit card acceptance include... 

  • Retail - accept payments at your store
  • Restaurant - accept payments at the table
  • Supermarkets - accept payments and speed-up customer checkout time
  • Healthcare - accept payments at the front desk and schedule payment plans for patients
  • Lodging - accept payments via telephone or web for guest registration
  • Internet - accept customer initiated payments via your website
  • Charitable Organizations - accept supporter initiated donations via your website, as well as payments for event registration
  • Small Ticket/Large Ticket - accept payments for your business specialty with small or large transaction amounts
  • Business-to-Business - accept payments via telephone or mail for product and service deliveries
  • Government & Utilities - accept payments for tax collections and utility use with recurring bill payment tools